Longarm Quilting Services

Susan and Chris of Over The Top Quilting Studio

Susan & Chris of Over The Top Quilting Studio

Chris and Susan at Over the Top Quilting Studio create memories – your way. We can complete your quilt. We can start with just your pieces. We can start with just your dream. Your quilt will be unique. Ready to get started? Please contact us

We pride ourselves on understanding your needs. We listen. Our unique consultation assures we learn about you – and about the person who will receive the finished quilt. We enjoy talking to our clients – hearing their stories – learning their hopes and expectations. Sharing insights, laughter, and sometimes, tears, as together we create the quilt you want. 

We also can teach you to complete your quilt on our APQS Longarm machines. Just sign up for our Rental Certification Class and after that, you will be ready to quilt your own quilts!

Once we understand what you want your quilt to be, we put our experience, creativity, and artistry into the creation (or finishing) of your quilt. We apply what we’ve learned in 40 years of quilting, in creation of hundreds of quilts of all types and sizes, and what we’ve learned from working with hundreds of quilters and clients.

Susan and Chris laying out a quilt design

Susan and Chris laying out a quilt design

We use 4 categories for our quilt creations – but we know many quilts are one-of-a-kind. Click on a category to see a gallery of quilts:
Traditional quilts
T-shirt quilts or learn more about creating a t-shirt quilt
Memory and memorial quilts or learn more about creating a memory and memorial quilt
Wedding quilts
♦ We are a longarm rental studio. We are proud of the quilts our renters have created on our longarm machines.

In addition to applying our skill and creativity to your quilt we use the highest quality materials.
♦ We quilt using one of the family of APQS longarm quilting machines.
♦ We have the ability to use the APQS Quilt Path computerized quilting system.
♦ We use high quality thread: Fil-Tec’s Glide, Superior Threads, and others.
♦ We use a batting that fits your needs, choosing from 100% cotton batting, 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom batting, Quilter’s Dream, Warm and Natural, or 100% washable wool.
♦ We longarm quilt in the style best suited to your needs: hand guided, custom designs, freehand, or pantograph. 
♦ Your finished quilt can be returned to you with batting and backing trimmed to ¼ inch, or to your specifications, for you to bind. Or we can bind your quilt to finished form.

You can learn more about how we will create your quilt and how we work to set the cost of your quilt.

Susan and Chris

Susan and Chris

Your quilt comes alive when we collaborate with you to meet your dreams. We would love to start the personalized journey of finishing or creating your quilt. Please contact us so we can help you create your memories.

We are quilters. Ready to get started creating your quilt? Please contact us.