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Chris Wenz and Susan Rubino of Over The Top Quilting Studio - 4Starting May 12, 2020 reserve time on one of our APQS longarm quilting machines. If you have questions about the mechanics of using an APQS longarm quilting machine, please see our How_To page.

We’ve introduced two new ways for you to use time on our longarm machines:
♦ Virtual Longarming and
♦ Social Distanced Longarm Rental.
Please see details below.

You can choose rental time two ways: 

1) Reserve the specific APQS longarm quilting machine you need

♦ Millie30 with Quilt Path
♦ Millie with Quilt Path

♦ Lucey with Quilt Path
♦ Lenni with Quilt Path
♦ George

2) Reserve a time slot on any available APQS longarm quilting machine. Click on the number of hours and then choose which machine is available on a calendar date. (See below)

♦ 2 hours
♦ 3 hours
♦ 4 hours
♦ 5 hours
Full Day Rental – Go here to see our Full Day Rental program 

How to reserve a time slot:
A) Choose the time slot you want above (e.g. “2 hours” or “3 hours”). You’ll see a screen with the machines you can rent for that amount of time. The screen looks like this:

B) Next, click the box for the APQS machine you want to use. If you select “Millie30” you’ll see a screen like this:

C) Now you can select the day for your rental. To change the month use the box with the month in it or use the “< >” arrows.

We’ve introduced two new ways for you to use time on our longarm machines.

♦ Virtual Longarming: This is quilting done by Susan, Chris, or Pat, at rental time prices! This service is only offered to our Certified Renters.

You may not wish to come into the Studio but you want your quilts completed now! Have your backing prepared with your zippers, indicate what type of pattern you would like, what type of batting you prefer and WE will quilt it for you within the rental time.

To sign up for this service, please send an email to, stating the size of the quilt, any specific quilting pattern you’d like, specific thread colors and batting, if needed.

We will then schedule a session for one of us to get your quilt done the way you want it, in the time period. The quilts will be completed on a first come first served basis.

♦ Social Distanced Longarm Rental: Beginning on May 12 you can come in and rent time on the machines that are available.

We ask you wear a mask whenever you are in contact with anyone at the Studio. Please wash your hands as you enter into your rental space and whenever possible you maintain the required 6’ social distancing.

We have hand sanitizer at every machine and we will disinfect all hard surfaces prior to and after each renter.

Although we will protect you as much as possible, you are responsible for your own health and safety. Again, we ask that you do not come in if you feel ill, have a cough, or have even a slight fever.