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Chris Wenz and Susan Rubino of Over The Top Quilting Studio - 4Reserve time on one of our APQS longarm quilting machines. If you have questions about the mechanics of using an APQS longarm quilting machine, please see our How_To page.

You can choose rental time two ways: 

1) Reserve the specific APQS longarm quilting machine you need


2) Reserve a time slot on any available APQS longarm quilting machine. Click on an interval and you can choose which machine is available on a calendar date.

2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
5 hours
7 Hours

Details: After you choose a time slot length, you can select which APQS longarm machine has the time slot you want. To do so, click a machine name for the time slot you choose. A 2 hour rental on Lenni in the following example.


Next, click the down arrow next to “Lenni 2 Hr Rental.”


That displays a screen (below) where you can select from a list of APQS longarm machine for that number of hours.