Two extraordinary long arm machine quilting experiences

Susan and Chris!

I have indeed had two extraordinary long arm machine quilting experiences at Over the Top Quilting Studio! You both are the absolute BEST. I am so excited to be taking my quilt making journey to the next level by quilting them myself! The patience, encouragement, and support you both have shown me is incredible and so very much appreciated! I am loving this road I am on and look forward to many more quilting experiences with you as my teachers, mentors, as I continue to learn, grow, and have FUN with this amazing craft!

Susan, (aka Chris 🙂 I forgot to mention to you that while I was quilting away yesterday (with my Pandora music playing) a very appropriate song came on and I had to chuckle to myself… it was Elton John’s “Yellow Brick Road” !!!! So funny! and appropriate!

My next quilt making adventure will hopefully be two very simple (following a pattern) Christmas Quilts! My goal is to get them done without the pressure of having to “beat the clock” ! That should make for a relaxing experience! And I will attempt to do it all myself (pinning on the zippers, loading on the machine etc. Yikes! that should be fun! In the meantime, take care, thanks again, and Happy Quilting!


p.s. I will send you a note regarding my sister’s reaction to her amazing and fun Wizard of Oz quilt! I’m sure she is going to LOVE IT as much and I loved making it for her!

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